Zombie Blasterz and The Trail are separate, thrilling adventures available at Kyker Farms
on Friday and Saturday nights in October. 
No flashlights permitted.  No refunds.

Scared and Kornfused? Call (865) 679-4848


Kyker Farms After Dark:
Zombie Blasterz
(all ages) : $15
The Trail
               (all ages) : $15
 (all ages) : $20

( *includes one admission to both attractions)

Blasting Zombies is the most fun you'll have this Halloween season!  Thisinteractive paintball ride is fun for most all ages!  A thrilling, must-have experience that will leave you wanting more!  Your adventure-ride winds through the Dead Woods at Kyker Farms where LIVE ZOMBIES are illuminated by zombie-sighting lights!  Twenty Two paintball guns blasting away!   You won't want to miss this exhilirating experience where you shoot the zombies that don't shoot back!

But if you're looking for a fright.....

Kyker Farms After Dark.....
Zombie Blasterz and The trail

Two thrilling Nighttime adventures for those who dare
Opens Saturday October 6, 2018

Friday and Saturday nights

Oct 6-Oct 27 2018


Anxiety sets in as the doorman shuts the heavy wooden door behind you.  There's no turning back now.  Unknown to what is Lurking through this winding path ahead, you'll feel your heart pounding in your throat when the creatures of the corn come to life!  Through every twist and turn in our haunted corn field, there are endless frights awaiting your arrival.

Kornfused? Call (865) 679-4848